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July 6, 2007 | 4 Comments

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I just wanted to tell you that all your fans in Australia are delighted that our national broadcaster has at last decided to start broadcasting the PHC again after a break of about 15 years.

Back then you were played here at dinner-time. I guess because of your manner of delivery my wife always thought you were a Christian minister of some kind. Ours is not a Christian home and she disapproved and never really listened, so the idea persisted. She was also puzzled, because I've always been a very devout atheist. My fandom continued even though you weren't on the air. It was only years later while I was enjoying a tape of the show that the penny dropped.

Barry S.
Sydney, Australia

Glad to be back on the air in Australia, son. The problem was at this end — we wanted so badly to be on the air there that we wrote to Australian Broadcasting and campaigned to resume the show and of course they resisted being sold something by Yanks. We should've written to them about our extreme disinterest. As for my voice, I grew up listening to preachers holding a big black Bible in one hand and gesturing with the other, rising up on their toes for emphasis, and I guess I've picked up some of their habits. How could one not? I'm a Christian but I intend no harm to your non-Christian home and am very grateful to be taken into it.


I'm on the east coast of Australia. Just heard your show for the first time and was captivated. I don't know how I've missed it before. Anyway, I'm telling my friends. Thanks Mr Keillor.

Well, I think you'd make a great preacher, Mr. Keillor.

I've learned more about Grace from you than any sermon I've ever heard. And I've heard thousands.

Hearing the program again takes me back to a younger, single, child-free me. Twenty years later I have a busy life with a husband, three kids, two rabbits and an axolotl, so I appreciate the wonders of the internet which let me catch up on a missed show.

The problem is, do I email my mid-eighties boyfriend and let him know you're back on air?

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