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June 12, 2007 | 1 Comment

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This past Saturday's performance was the best in a long time. My family and I were heading out to dinner and I heard a voice on the Guy Noir episode and I told them, "I swear that is Martin Sheen." They kept telling me no it's not, but I kept persisting YES it is. So we pull up into the restaraunt and lo and behold the "Guy Noir" skit ended and you said his name. I was right.

Have a wonderful day,

Christopher J.
Dearborn Heights, MI

The audience at the Greek started to applaud, of course, as Mr. Sheen came out on stage, script in hand, to act in the Noir, and so that might've given it away. But he does have a distinctive voice. As I told him in rehearsal, I wrote the part of Johnny Patina, founder of Celebrity Bus Tours, so as to erase the memory of President Josiah Bartlett, and he thought that was pretty funny. Mr. Sheen is a good guy.

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Martin Sheen's voice in one of the most identifiable in the world.....even while doing Irish, Indian or Eastwood accents in Guy Noir. The show was great, very entertaining & Martin got his chance to show off his huge sense of humor which was obviously in fine form. Loved it. I hope you will invite Martin back again sometime soon. Thanks.

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