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March 22, 2007 | 1 Comment

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Your book "Good Poems" was lying in my backseat when it was spotted by a friend as we were visiting by my car. She scoffed, "Good Poems! Couldn't you find any great poems?" I found myself in the awkward position of having to defend the book, its title and in a roundabout way -- you. So why didn't you call the book "Great Poems"? They are, you know. What gives?

Cindy H.
Remus, Michigan

Minnesota is a good place to live, not great, and I come from a good family, and I married a good woman. My child goes to a good school. Why complicate things with superlatives? If "Great Poems" why not Fabulous or Stupendous or Utterly Amazing? It's a world of hype. A book of good poems is good enough for me and if you think they're great, then that's wonderful.

1 Comment

Great response.

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