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February 28, 2007 |

Greetings sir—
My husband and I named our dog Keillor after you. You had just visited San Diego and my husband and I had just been to see you when we adopted our Golden Retriever. Your show has such an influence on us, we chose to name him after you.

However, we find it hard to get the pronunciation of his/your name across to people we introduce him to. We try to annunciate it as "Key-lore" but people still try to call him Killer.

Do you have any advice for our little problem?

Kimberly Castillo
San Diego, CA

I'm honored, of course, since it's a Golden Retriever. (A Corgi, no, or a beagle, but a retriever — basically that's what I do.) The name should be pronounced KEEL-er, but some people are going to call him Killer anyway. They called me that in junior high school and I just had to grin and bear it. What's wrong with Castillo as a dog's name, by the way?

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