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February 21, 2007 | 1 Comment

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Do you ever walk on the actual "Lake Wobegon" trail? I have been on it on my travels back to Minnesota. I roller-bladed most of it with a friend from St. Joseph to Avon and stopped and had a Grain Belt at a tiny bar in the middle of the day. Then we rolled from Avon to Albany. We rollerbladed right into a small town parade in Melrose. I started listening to your show when I lived in southern New Mexico and continue here in Florida. But I never "felt" your show like I did during my time on the beautiful Lake Wobegon Trail.

Kerry C.
St. Petersburg, FL

That's lovely to imagine, a couple of Florida girls roller-blading on a bike trail through the rolling hills of central Minnesota, past dairy farms and little towns with water towers, and feeling the grace and serenity of the landscape. If you blast past on I-94, you miss a lot of detail. The Lake Wobegon Trail was dedicated back in September, 1998, and Congressman Jim Oberstar was there in his Spandex bike outfit, who was instrumental in the rail-to-trail campaign. And now Stearns County is preparing to link the Wobegon Trail with the Central Lakes Trail to make a continuous 120-mile paved path, the longest in the country, or so I hear. The dedication will be in late August in Osakis and I plan to be there and if you're in the vicinity, Kelly, you should come and bring your blades. Wear a big orange Florida shirt so we'll know who you are.

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The website for the Lake Wobegon Trail sent me to the book "In Search of Lake Wobegon." The book gives wonderful insights into Lake Wobegon, with lots of photographs that really provide a feel for the area. Reviewing the pictures reminded me in a way of Prince Edward Island (which I've visited, while I've never been in Stearns County) with the small villages surrounded by farms in a gently rolling countryside.

I'm sure the trail is a great way to visit the region.

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