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February 20, 2007 | 1 Comment

Dear Garrison Keillor,
What a wonderful fish story about Gunner the A.A. spaniel and Pete the fighting muskie! H. L. Mencken would have laughed out loud. Mark Twain would have been envious. And now that my students have taught me how to podcast (in return for my teaching them Plato), I can listen to your tale over and over again. A good story bears repeating.

May your Lent be delightfully gloomy!

David G.
Riverside, CA

Hard to imagine a story about ice fishing getting traction in Riverside, but glad you enjoyed it. So did Lance my old classmate who figured in the story.

1 Comment

I was in my car BOTH days when I heard your hilarious story about the spaniel and the fish and there I was laughing away, by myself, driving along. Then I wonder what all those people passing me on the road are thinking about this 'lady of a certain age' laughing her head off? I know they are not listening to NPR or they'd be laughing too. Feel like rolling down the window and cluing them in! Love your show. First heard you on CBC in Guelph, Ontario where I live most of the year. I only listen to NPR here in Phoenix and look forward to Prairie Home Companion on weekends. Saw the movie in Guelph too. Why oh why was it not nominated for an Academy Award?? I preferred Meryl in that role over the one in 'The Devil Wears Prada'! Kevin Kline was a delicious Guy Noir. Harrelson and Reilly were beyond funny -- their timing was so perfect. Ah well. Just keep up the good work.
Judy, Phoenix AZ,

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