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February 15, 2007 | 5 Comments

Dear Mr Keillor,
We desperately need your help. Britain has been enveloped in a vast blanket of snow which was, at its height in Wootton, a stunning 3 inches at the deepest. As you can imagine this resulted in a major crisis in which all schools were closed, in particular those that could be reached on foot within 10 minutes.

The main reason for closing the schools was Health & Safety. If one of the little dears cops a snow ball in the face the Local Authority might get sued. So they close the schools & all the children just run wild throwing snowballs, making snowmen, rolling up great balls of snow & leaving them in the middle of the road.

How do you survive in a climate where snow & ice is a daily threat? ...Sorry... it just started raining 10 minutes ago & all the snow has now gone.

All is back to normal. A bit damp & misty but we can just survive.

Thank you for your great show.

Mike T.
Wootton Bedfordshire, England

Whew, you had us all excited there, Mike. Glad that nature reversed itself. In the Victorian novels of my youth, English people sat indoors during snowstorms and composed letters to friends and drank tea and fretted about the servants. Only a few urchins threw snowballs and usually they threw them at mailmen and other authority figures and then they ran like mad down an alley. I don't remember anybody getting hurt.


I just want to let you know that I can't tell you how disappointed I was with the "Prarie Home Companion," movie. I listen to you show to be uplifted and entertained, but I was so depressed and disappointed after seeing your movie that I donated it to the public library for sale. All those wonderful actors stole your show, Garrison Keelor. Keven Kline made a perfect Guy Noir. Please make another movie, but more like the real show from a audience point of view.

Mr Keillor,

I had no idea that you were a youth in Victorian times. How do you manage to stay looking so young? :D

On reading GK's reply, my thoughts jumped to our present US of A ....composing emails to friends and drinking coffee while fretting about the servants!

Best wishes,
An urchin throwing snowballs
not hurting anybody!

Currently living in Covington, Georgia.
Previously lived in Woburn, Bedfordshire.
PHC in Bedfordshire? How great is that?

Did you know that western Oregon is a first cousin to England's teensy snowfall and reactions to it? Our TV weatherpeople go bonkers at the first hint of snow in the air, the schools promptly close and every school kid has a heyday. You Minnesotans would laugh your heads off.
BUT...we don't salt our roads, and we don't have rusty cars -- they last forever!

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