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January 18, 2007 | 14 Comments

I'm THRILLED you were honored for "Prada" —
And for my little film— nothing. Nada.
Don't mind in the least.
I am an artiste
And a man's gotta do what he's gotta.

Out here on the prairie, it's level
And no place for pride, lust, or revel
Or extravagant dress
Or covetousness
Of awards for playing the Devil.



well done

Too cute and funny!! Very clever!

That is clever poetry, Garrison. Wish I could be as suave.

(We loved your movie!)

Yes, Garrison....I too was thrilled for Ms. Meryl...She is such a classy lady....and yes, she was wonderful in your PHC movie....We alllll know that...We don't need the Golden Globe folks to tell us...We know class when we see it...and your movie was FIRST CLASS!! (I recently purchased my own copy... to have forever.)
Keep up the good work....You keep us going every week! I'm still...and always addicted to your work and your VOICE ! Sooo comforting each week...You're a "Keeper" forever!
Take care and thanks again..
Christine (Tina) Scherr
Fort Collins, CO.

I remember the first time seeing Meryl act in Sophie's Choice and I was spellbound. I think that movie The Devil Loves Prada was abysmal. However, I am still smitten with her! RCA

Garrison - you are loved, appreciated, admired... Hope you're taking the exlixir for a long life.

Portland, OR

Your movie, and all involved, wins top awards in my estimation. Your story-telling talent is top-notch. In fact, the other night I dreamed I was married to you! It's that convincing voice of yours!

We just purchased the movie last week and we, here in the frozen north and under a sea of white loved it. It is winter warmth. Southerners would not be able to tolerate the additional heat, Californians have an alternative consciousness, and those of a non-Midwestern culture will be bored by a culture they are incapable of comprehending. So, in such a light, who would believe that true appreciation of aPHC movie is possible by the masses? It's depth and truth is our little secret, and a step apart, above the rest. Thanks and you've got my/our winning vote hands down anyday.

You are not either an 'artiste'. Nor an artist. Ms. Streep, on the other hand, is a terrific actress.

Mr. Keillor:

I am shocked. I surely thought you would win or at least be nominated for Best Screenplay. PHC is one of those few films that captures the essence of the human condition gracefully and eloquently, with a keen sensibility not often found in art today. I rarely see a film more than once, but I have purchased PHC DVD, and I've seen it about eight times now, and each time I view it, I learn of another subtlety within your art.

I also bought the soundtrack, and I listen to it every weekend on the quality speakers. Thanks for adding this touching piece to my life. "Slow Summer Days" is just so beautiful and palpable. I look forward to hearing more of you.

You are appreciated! But, of course, I am an artiste too.

This morning, our Public Radio station out of Roanoke, VA, broadcast my essay about retirement, called "Donna Reed Doesn't Live Here Anymore."

All I could think was: Me and Garrison Keillor on the same airwaves!

Thank you for your inspiration. Before retiring to this area, I lived in rural, northern Maine, so others of my essays reflect a life much like that in the TV show, Northern Exposure.

Bless you for continuing to value life as it actually is for those of us in small town America.

The limerick meter would have been better served if you had used the word "portraying" instead of "played." Alas, life is compromise.


Just listening during pledge week over here at WHYY, and they've been asking, "why do you listen to NPR?" For what it's worth, Prairie Home Companion, and an image of your square-jawed face floated up in my mind. I think you must know how huge is what you and your companions have done, how deeply it has planted itself in our hearts and grown into our lives, into the lives of our children. So don't let it go to your head.

I've been holding off telling you because I was afraid it might make you too full of yourself, but now you've written this poem of deep, profound and unmitigated lament over failing to garner an Oscar nod, I've gone and done it. But the film was not great. (Neither was Prada for that matter...)

Don't make me have to tell you again how wonderful you are. You're too wonderful for that. Now keep doing things that make me think that life is, that makes me truly know that life is, worthwhile.

With love,

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