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January 17, 2007 | 6 Comments

Dear Mr. Keillor,
I'm originally from Ontario, and I moved to Australia in 1974, about the time your show started. We're 17 hours ahead of New York, and I have to tape your show from the Internet. I play it when I go to bed. So my wife goes to sleep in the spare bedroom. She says my laughing is worse than my snoring. What should I do?

Many thanx,
Blake S.
Melbourne, Australia.

PS. Why not bring your show to Australia some time? We have ketchup here but the Aussies call it tomato sauce (pronounced tom-aaw-toe source).

It's good to take a break and I'm sure that a night in the guest room only makes her fonder of your company the next night. We don't bring the show to Australia because we're old and cranky and our world is shrinking. It's a big deal for me to take the show to Minneapolis. Australia seems like the other side of the world, perhaps because it is the other side of the world. Fourteen hours in an airplane seat would cripple me for weeks and there I'd be in a strange country, limping around, possibly with slight paralysis on the left side, and slurring my speech. Not a pretty thought. I was there once and it seemed to me that people were having so much fun just drinking and watching cricket that an American radio show would be pointless. If you can enjoy cricket, you don't really need entertainment: you can amuse yourself by watching planes land or birds sit on telephone wires.


Well, you used to be popular down here, until now....

Fabulous game Cricket, it's such a pity that Americans do not have the patience to understand it. It's wonderful giving the English team a thrashing, time and time again.

I LOVE your program! I found it on NPR by accident about 10 years ago; wished I'd found it a lot earlier! It is great fun via education--knowledge imparted by you about the city in which you're performing, music--all the great and varied performers, and drama--love the serials--Guy Noir, Lives of the Cowboys, tales of English majors(here I am!), the Reference Librarian, etc. The rambling stories you write which involve so much work from your sound effects man provide me with so many laughs! A million thanks to you! P.S. I did feel, however, that you were a bit caustic with the Australian who likes your show and inquired about you performing a show there. I could see the problems getting there would cause and the ensuing jet lag and so forth, but why did you need to knock this fan by saying he could entertain himself with watching planes land and birds sit on telephone wires? This did seem to be a dig at the mentality of cricket game fans, but it seemed you did not give him some positive feedback for being a loyal fan. Onward and upward from this ongoing fan. Kathy Strack, Belleville, NJ

Please, GK understand and experience something before you make heedless remarks.

Cricket is one of the most enjoyable, relaxing, and social events one may experience here on earth. First, you invite friends and family to a Summer's day of cricket and picnicking. Second, with the freshest ingredients of the Season one makes the delicious picnic. Thirdly, one dresses casually, wears a wide brimmed straw hat, and takes plaid blankets to sit and stretch out upon the grass beneath the blue sky. Everything goes into a shooting brake and we trot off to the local village green. On arrival we garden party and watch exciting runs and sometimes sticky wickets. This combination for everyone is glorius fun under the sun! You can boogie-woogie barefoot if the mood strikes you!

ps I enjoy baseball, soccer, crew, basketball, and track meets etceteras, too!

OK, Mr Keillor, you're excused Australia, but Hungary is right on your doorstep, spiritually at least. Which Budapest theatre can I book for you? (Loved the film. I so envied you dancing with Meryl Streep.)

I agree about the cricket, but we aren't all that lacking in culture. Goodness me, I listened to the PHC show on the national broadcaster (ABC) every Saturday afternoon for about 5 years before it ended in July 1987. If they ran it again I'd do the same.
I missed the movie (will get it later on DVD) but bet it's not as funny as the original shows. I still have my tape of the last show. PHC has a LOT of devoted fans in Oz. So let me add my plea for a tour of the Land of Oz. . . in case you needed one during the trip, the geriatric hospitals are pretty good too :-)

Garrison - Cricket, like APHC, is an acquired taste. Full of quirks and eccentricities, both have nonetheless attracted a large and devoted following.I'm sure that, in the US, baseball afficionados share many of the same characteristics as cricket followers.
Like your previous correspondent, I listened to APHC on ABC Radio National (similar to PBS in the US) and was very disappointed when broadcasts were discontinued. Access via the internet is welcome, but the time difference makes it a test of strength (of character) to listen live.
There's no escaping the fact that it's a long trip from Minnesota to Australia, but many,many Aussies seem to be able to make it from their homeland to the US without too much difficulty - and it's the same distance either way, so I urge you to consider it. Your books sell well here, so perhaps a trip to a writers' festival or a book reading tour might tempt you down to the antipodes. Worht considering perhaps?
Best Wishes
Michael Gillespie
Canberra, Australia

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