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December 20, 2006 |

I had the privilege of attending the 12/16 performance of APHC at the Town Hall in NYC. As this was the 2nd night of Chanukah, there were several musical tributes to the Festival of Lights — my favorites coming from the lips of Rich Dworsky. Not only were they beautifully performed, but I was quite impressed with Rich's Israeli accented Hebrew. Where did he learn such eloquent Hebrew linguistics?

Jeff W.
Fair Lawn, NJ

(Response from Music Director Rich Dworsky)

Hi Jeff. Rich Dworsky here. Thanks for your kind compliments. As a youngster, I went to Hebrew school in the afternoons after public school. But the only Hebrew I retain from those days is pretty rudimentary. My sister, Susie, is a rabbi and speaks a wonderful, fluent Hebrew and coaches me as needed. And I have absorbed the pronunciation listening to my family and friends who live in Israel. I can do the Hebrew "resh" (the R sound) in the back of my throat especially well. If you get your uvula flapping to sound like Eartha Kitt when she purred like a cat, you're on the right track. Best wishes and Happy Chanukah to you and yours!

-Rich Dworsky

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