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December 11, 2006 | 13 Comments

Post to the Host:
I was shocked and deeply disappointed to hear "don't pick your butt," etc., in a song on your program. This is what I heard this morning, Sunday, 12/10/06, as I listened on KERA radio in Dallas, TX. Isn't there enough potty humor and vulgarity in the media? I though you had more class than this. Please consider setting the bar higher.

Michele A.
Carrollton, TX

Did you really hear the song as "Don't Pick Your Butt"? That's interesting. I wrote it as "Don't Scratch Your Butt" and the reason the New York audience got such a kick out of it is that, doggone it, you see men doing that in New York all the time. Reaching back and scratching and adjusting their underwear. It's vulgar. And it's also funny. I see people do it and I just have to laugh. But "Don't Pick Your Butt" is really gross and not something I would've come up with. That's your idea, not mine.


I thought the "Don't Scratch Ur Butt" song was great. The complaint letters are from people taking life a little to seriously. Listening to ur show is supposed to be and is FUN!

Please post the chord changes to "Don't Scratch Your Butt." I would love to learn to play it for my kids.

Grow up cry babies it's all about fun and being able to enjoy a wonderfull radio show so what we all scratch are but's . In public or not so just in joy it or change the chanel ....


As a long time listener and fan, I must say I have noticed more and more potty humor the past couple years--what's up? Maybe time to rethink, no matter how hard NY laughs, what do they know?

My 8 year old daughter and I listen on Sunday afternoons on a regular basis. We laughed so hard at the Don't Scratch your Butt song. We even tuned to a sister station that runs the show an hour later so we could catch it again!!!

Keep entertaining young and old alike!!!!

I admit I raised an eyebrow when I heard it on the Saturday broadcast, but my 5-year old son certainly enjoyed it! Today, three days later, he surprised me by singing it with glee. Not that I'm going to encourage him to belt it out in public, but I am happy to start cultivating in him a love of the radio show. It got his attention!

I've been to Carrollton, TX. and I know for a fact they do have butts there and I have seen them scratched.

Thanks for the great entertainment-my three boys ages 8,13,15 were listening to "Don't SCRATCH Your Butt" on our way home from church this past Sunday. We had a great laugh and took it in the context in which it was presented which was perfect!! Our boys want to learn the song and present it as their "party piece" at our Christmas party this year!! thanks for great entertainment that I can enjoy with my kids!! Diane K

I can't decide which one I liked better: "Don't Scratch Your Butt," or "Don't Pick Your Nose," from a few weeks back. I listened both Saturday night and Sunday morning and giggled both times!


The bottom line is - if people laugh, then the joke or song was funny. I like all kinds of humor, whether intellectual or sophomoric. And if sometimes a joke or song bombs, then that just means you tried and found out it didn't work.

Keep the faith, brother.


I really like the songs "Don't scratch your butt","Don't pick your nose" and "Imagine". I don't think they are vulgar at all. I think the old saying, "You can't please all the people all the time", bears remembering to those people who are making such a fuss. Your show is tops in my household.

Stay just like you are.
That's what we adored about the '06 New Year's Eve glorious 3 hours.
Stay true to the easy going, smiling, creative person God made you to be.
Don't give in like someone living inflexibly.
Remember not to go into much dark humor as it is seeming to be someone else's - you are pure delight.
Don't try tobe someone else.
Tom and Annie
Clergy and Hot Dish on the Westerdam New Year's Eve Cruise of '05-bringing in '06.

Hug your wife and enjoy your daughter.
Time flies - have fun!

Re. the pro and con commentary of the various "United Butt Scratchers" vs. "Butt Scratchers Anonymous"-- Lighten up folks! It's funny, it's necessary! I just can't imagine what all the complainers do when their butt itches-- don't tell me that they don't scratch it.

Lou M.

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