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October 13, 2006 | 5 Comments

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Kate Mackenzie dropped from sight like into an unknown cave. Where is she, what has she been doing since she left the show? Why never a guest appearance as with many your stalwarts?

Thanks for any word or words.

James G.
Gaithersburg, MD

Kate is a woman of mystery who follows strong internal leanings that may have to do with the tides or the phases of the moon. We're not sure. She married a retired teacher and bicycling fanatic named Buck Seeger and moved to Oregon. We're still friends but she has resisted all pleas for a return performance, most recently on the season opener in St. Paul in September, which she attended and sat on stage, not thirty feet from a microphone, but made me promise I wouldn't haul her up to sing. So I didn't. She is not in a federal bluegrass protection program or in a hostage situation, so far as I can tell. She seems very happy in retirement. We all miss her terribly.


Good to hear some news about Kate. I Googled her just the other night trying to find out if she was alive and well but didn't find anything recent about her online. I loved her singing and I loved Sheila the Christian Jungle Girl, too. Her retirement is our loss, but good to know it seems to be her gain. Best wishes to Kate!

I am happy to hear an update on Kate -- I, too, miss her and have wondered when she'd be a guest. Matbe is you keep on inviting her, she'll finally say 'yes'!! (P.S. I grew up in Oregon - it's an okay state she's moved to!)

I have been a faithful listener to PHC since 1982.Without doubt most of the finest shows ever,featured kate Mackenzie.I think we all miss her wonderful pure voice her humor and charm.Please keep inviting her garrison. Me ,my family and friends love your show very much!!!!

I first met Kate Mackenzie back in 1978, when my husband and I were living in Bemidji, Minnesota. She came to play at the Union Station, where I worked as a cocktail waitress. She came to spend a few days with us, and it was such fun!! I have not seen her since then, regrettably, though I have heard her music from time to time and really wish I could hook up with her again. I don't know if it's possible, but could you please pass on a greeting from Cloud in Bemidji?? I'm not even sure she would remember me, to tell the truth, but my memory is very good for special people. I'm glad to hear she's happy in Oregon...

I have fond memories of seeing Kate at the Minnesota Bluegrass Festival back when she was with Stoney Lonesome...Then I was a young kid with a mullet, who was initially drawn to her due to our "similar" names...After years of "remember me's?" and exciting photo op's, I have only recently begun to realize how fortunate I was to have been a "friend" back then. Her CD's stay in my car these days, and bring me back to the pure happiness of those times! To see her again would be a treat; for her to know how she touched a young kid's life would be plenty...I've been searching for any news for a while now, and appreciate the update...

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