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October 6, 2006 | 2 Comments

I understand that the Republican National Convention will be held in the Twin Cities in 2008. Naturally I am curious as to your reaction to this news -- laughter or tears? I know that, as a Midwesterner, you're well aware of your social obligations to be a good host. On the other hand, your political philosophies may compel you to do otherwise. I am sure part of you really wants to be on the road at that time -- or maybe you want to invite these invaders over to the Fitzgerald Theater for a show. What could be better than getting them to pay for being the butt of the jokes?

Either way, I'm sure I'll enjoy the show -- assuming I'm back from Baghdad to hear it.

Greg R.

Greg, you come back from Baghdad and we'll put on a show for them at the Fitzgerald. Usually our season doesn't start until late September, but traditions are made to be broken.


I recall the RNC in Detroit for Reagan's second term. It was a great boom to our community and we gave them a great convention.

Prior to the convention, Coleman Young, a long-time mayor of Detroit, called President Regan, "Old Prune Face". There was a terrible tension between Washington and Mayor Young's office for years after that. The convention gave those of us in the city a chance that we would not have otherwise to make peace.

It's a great opportunity for theTwin Cities and a great opportunity to make an impression on the delegates with that mid-western charm.


Your movie has just opened here in Brisbane Australia. I hope to see it, or at least get the DVD. I was a regular listener to your wonderful radio show back in the mid eighties when it was aired on ABC Radio at 5pm Sunday afternoons.

I found your philosophy on life refreshing. It
spoke of the simple but important things that are
often missing nowadays such as a sense of community. I agree that we are saturated by the "news industry" these days. Personally I don't bother listening to news on weekends or holidays if I can avoid it.

By the way we have a national radio program here in Australia that broadcasts every Sunday morning called "Macca on Sunday morning" His philosphy is not dissimilar to your own and he places much emphasis on local cultural themes in his music and commentary. It is particularly relevant to country dwelling people and has a large following.

Keep up the good work


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