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September 28, 2006 | 8 Comments

Dear Mr Keillor,

My husband and I love to travel in our motor home, and while we travel from state to state we like to listen to your show. We recently visited Minnesota to see Lake Superior and saw many beautiful sights but the Twin Cities via I-35 was not one of them. Trying to get through the Cities was a much bigger adventure than we anticipated. The way the highway changes its name several times and turns into something else was confusing. The on ramps enter the highway from both sides and it was treacherous to maneuver through the narrow areas of the highway what with road crews and indecisive drivers. We did love our visit up the shore line of Lake Superior.

Jeri G.
Elizabeth, CO

I can't disagree, Jeri. The freeways went up against some fierce neighborhood opposition, which prevented the sort of 32-lane straight-shot expressways you'd find, say, in Texas. We like our neighborhoods so the freeway system had to squeeze in around them somewhat and also around the lakes and the big river. But I seldom use the freeways, one advantage of living life small. I take Marshall Avenue to work, which is nice and goes past Central High School and Concordia College and the Town and Country Club and then I turn onto Mississippi River Boulevard which runs along the river gorge and which is so pretty in the fall that a person has to get out of the car and walk. Someday I want to get a motor home, though, and do exactly as you're doing. First I have to talk my wife and daughter into coming along, though. I want to drive to the southwest, through Nebraska and Kansas and Colorado to the Grand Canyon and across the Mojave to Los Angeles and up the Pacific Coast Highway. The day I set out on that trip, I'll be the happiest man in America.


Travels with Charley and On the Road with Charles Kuralt (Blue Highways etc) are great reads; but unless you are as talented driving a big machine, fixing plumbing and electrical stuff as you claim to be in the kitchen for Thanksgiving Day dinner, I would suggest renting an RV before buying.

I'll go with you in a heartbeat. That's one trip I'd love to take, and I can't imagine a better travelling companion than yourself.

I'm smart, nice, love to laugh, and love to be quiet too. I pose no threat to anyone, as I'm a happily single, independent (read also: celibate) 59 yr. old grandma of two, with a house, a horse, and a wonderful life.

Stranger things have happened.

Besides, show this to your family, and they may get a little more enthusiastic about taking that trip with you!

We'll be glad to have you over for supper and a good visit when you come through Sterling Colorado, Garrison, you and your lovely family. We're just off I-76 in the armpit of the Nebraska pan handle. Give us a shout so we can run the vacuum! Elliott & Connie Arthur, Sterling CO

We bought our first motor home in 1966 and since then have traveled some 250,000 miles across these United States, Mexico and Canada. We kept a list of NPR stations in "the bus" so we rarely missed "Prairie Home Companion".
Every trip was an adventure, cozy at home together, but also with excitingly new and different places and people at the same time.It is the very best way to travel with children. You can control their needs while you share the world with them. On our first trip we had a one year old, a three year old and a five year old. Now it is just Ed and me, both 79,and sadly ready to sell our wonderfull "Me-go-too".
Every night we parents wrote about the day's happenings in our journal. Now I am trying to type all that up to share with our 40, 43 and 47 year olds. Would be glad to share with you and your family too hoping to encourage a Keillor Family Adventure.
You could also check out Govenor Angus King's family motor home tour, "Where's Molly Now?" at his website. You can also check out Unity 08 while there I think.
With warm regards and Good Luck,
Millicent Lawrence

My husband and I took that trip just after he retired and believe me it was wonderful. Be sure to visit the Cornpalace in Mitchel, ND. We almost missed it, thinking it was a gambling casino, but we are so glad we saw this tribute to the corn harvest. The Pacific Coast Highway was also very wonderful from Seattle to San Diego, but do take your time and don't miss the wonderful waterfalls and redwoods in the California parks. When we grow to old to dream, we will have this trip to remember. Happily living in Sun City, SC now, Joanne

Dear Garrison,
I was reading your response to a Post to the Host where you mentioned driving to work past Central High School. My Dad grew up in St. Paul, graduated from Central High School and later from the U of M before moving to the State of Washington. Even though Dad passed away over 15 years agoI still feel a tug for his Minnesota roots. Well, I guess that happens when you�re geneticly encoded with the Minnesota Language System then.

Another route & book to consider:

US83 -- goes from the Canadian border to the Rio Grande in Texas. Promoters would make you believe the late US66 to be the Mother Road but it barely covers half the country. 83s the only non-Interstate that goes cover to cover.

"Roads" by Larry McMurtry

Mr. Keillor --

Please do come through Colorado -- despite the mountains, this State is about as Midwest as you can get. So I suspect that you could have the best of both worlds -- gorgeous western scenery, and plain-spoken Midwestern hospitality. Look forward to seeing you --

John W. Anthony

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