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September 23, 2006 | 13 Comments

Mr. Keillor - this is the second time in recent years that you have scheduled your opening season street dance on Rosh Hashanah, Saturday 9/23. It appears that attention is not paid to this conflict. I bring this to your attention with the hope that you may be more sensitive in the future.

Nancy L.
Minneapolis, MN

Nancy, Rosh Hashanah ends at sundown Saturday and the street dance starts soon thereafter, so come join us if you like. Life is full of conflicts. The world doesn't stop for anybody's holy day, not in this country. Liquor stores are open on Sunday, people dance on the Sabbath. The radio show broadcasts on Good Saturday, on the most solemn weekend in the Christian calendar, and it's not my job to draw your attention to the Crucifixion. People who are deep in grief drive to the cemetery past people on their way to a wedding. It happens all the time. Have mercy.


Geez Garrison, you have a good point but I think you came across a little strong. Nancy does have a valid argumeny. At least shes not picketing the dance.

I'm a Christian, and I see no reason for a street dance to inconvenience itself for the sake of a Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Buddhist, or Wiccan holiday.

dear garrison,I thought your reply to nancyL was perfect.any day in the year is someones special day. Have mercy!!!!We love you,your show and always your wity answers.take good care.

Ignore it if you want, but Rosh Hashasanah is a two day holiday, ending this year at sundown today, Sunday.

Hi, Garrison. There are lots of things that conflict with Rosh Hashanah, not just Prairie Home Companion. Your answer to this question was quite nicely worded.

Dear All,

Perhaps it would have been considerate for Nancy to be sensitive herself to others' religions and mention that September 23 was also the first day of Ramadan (if she wanted to build a stronger argument). We can't offer all of our respect to just one religion now can we?


Not to mention, if you miss a broadcast live due to a religious conflict, it's not like you can't hear it once it's posted online. Nice response Garrison.

Garrison: Perfect reply. Although I must point out that liquor stores aren't open in Minnesota on Sunday (which has ticked me off more than once when I wanted to pick up an emergency cabernet for a last-minute Sunday evening gathering). Down w/ political I like to think, it doesn't help anyone to try to help everyone.

The holiday is two days every year. This year it ended on Sunday at sundown.

Hmm...even the Jews (of which I am one) can't the U.S., only the orthodox and conservative celebrate two days (left over from the days when one couldn't be certain of the correct day on the other side of the world - Jerusalem). The Reform only celebrate one day. How perfect a response from you, Garrison.
Yours for separation of religion and State (and radio!)

Mr. Garrison,

Although I agree that, as you say, "life is full of conflicts," I believe that when you give an answer you should have your facts right. Rosh Hashana is indeed a two day holiday which ended at sundown on Sunday evening. However, we are still in the middle of the 10 days of repentance, beginning with Rosh Hashana on Friday night, September 22 and ending with Yom Kippur on Monday night, October 2.

Next time, please check your facts before you post them.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing your show.


Hi, Garrison,

I know this is awfully overdue, but before I get to my reference to this post, I just want to say how much I enjoyed the "Prairie Home Companion" program from Tanglewood on PBS on Fourth of July weekend.

Anyway, regarding this post. Liquor stores are NOT open on Sundays EVERYWHERE. Here in Connecticut, no liquor sales on Sundays, with the exception of bars, is the only "blue law" we have left.

Also, Saturday of Holy Week is called HOLY Saturday, not Good Saturday. It's Good FRIDAY, and Holy Saturday.



I could be wrong which I often seem to be but to me its how we hold our individual religous celabrations in our own hearts and minds not how we hold others in contempt for not joining us in celabration if everyone stopped every activity for every holiday we work what one day a year!!!!

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