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Dear Garrison, (Yes, I feel

September 14, 2006 |

Dear Garrison, (Yes, I feel I know you that well.)
I want to commend you on your outstanding rendition of The Raven. Poe would have been proud.

It was perfectly accompanied with the haunting music I seldom hear and am eager to know the name of that selection. It too was wonderfully played. I was impressed with the bass notes; deep, rich, mellow and far more touching than I've noted in comparable piano renditions.

I learned more insight into that poem during your presentation than in all the times I've heard and read it--and that was a bunch.

Kindly reveal unto me the name of that music--and please kiss the piano player for me.

Your appreciative listener,

Hello Zoe. Rich Dworsky (the pianist) here. Thanks so much for your kind compliments about the underscore (and for the kiss!). I agree, Garrison's recitation was fantastic. Poe would've been proud. The musical underscore was all improvised on the spot by me. I read the poem several times prior to the performance, and marked up a copy with notes like "rustling curtains", "fear and doubt", "awe and marvel", and "no more Lenore". The only piece I composed beforehand was the recurring theme played by the band. I titled it "Scary Dworsky". It was a unique challenge to write a theme that would sound classical and dramatic, that could be interpreted by our Shoe Band. That day we had mandolin, guitar, bass, drums, and piano. Not your usual theatrical pit orchestra, but I thought the boys did a splendid job. Thanks again for writing, and Happy Halloween in advance...
-Richard Dworsky

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