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September 11, 2006 |

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How about acknowledging sources on PHC? The "Anne Boleyn" song which your guest just performed on the show is one of the musical-hall monologues of the inimitable Stanley Holloway, taken word for word and note for note, except that it just isn't the same in anything but Holloway's thick north-country English. Stanley Holloway was making radio audiences split their sides long before anyone changed your first diaper, and it would have been honest, and respectful, to acknowledge his authorship, not to say his comic genius.

James W.
Seattle, WA

Our show is not an academic quarterly and so our guests sometimes don't give a full list of acknowledgements, but if you Google "With her head tucked underneath her arm," the refrain of the song, you'll find the very first entry that comes up is Stanley Holloway, and then you can Google him and find out hundreds of interesting things that the radio can't offer. Such as the fact that the song was written by R.P. Weston and Bert Lee. I doubt that Mr. Holloway credited Mr. Weston and Mr. Lee when he performed the number on the stage. Was that dishonest and disrespectful of him not to?

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