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What did you do this

September 7, 2006 |

What did you do this summer during your hiatus, Garrison, besides cruise to Alaska? Write a book? Travel anywhere interesting? Fill me in.

Mary W.
Tumwater, WA

I finished the first draft of a screenplay, Mary, and got a novel underway, and that meant that I got to stay home all of August, which was a pleasure. Except I travelled to Rochester, Minnesota, for a little medical procedure. They ran a catheter up my femoral vein and into my heart and plugged a little hole in the atrium wall which they think might help prevent strokes, which an MRI showed I had had two of sometime in the past. And the afternoon they did the catheterization, I sat in bed in St. Mary's Hospital and wrote nonstop for about six hours, a fine day of work. What else do you want to know? I turned 64. I got to drive a Toyota Camry Hybrid for a couple weeks. I went to Fisher's Supper Club in Avon for the walleye special. I decided to open a bookstore. I went to the State Fair. I drove through the heaviest downpour I'd seen in years. I discovered a frozen custard stand in St. Paul that had been unknown to me. I read a terrific novel, "Goodnight, Nebraska". I visited my cousins in Anoka whom I hadn't seen in a few years and found this comforting. I am related to kind people.

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