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Hi Mr. Keillor, I have

August 14, 2006 |

Hi Mr. Keillor,
I have enjoyed your comments on, and monologues that include, religion. However, I didn't know until recently that you were raised among the Plymouth Brethren. Would that be the sect from J. N. Darby? I was raised among the Exclusives myself, escaping at age 22. This upbringing considerably hampered my social and career life, much to my chagrin.

Brian M.
Seattle, WA

Yes, indeed. We read the J.N. Darby translation of the New Testament and C.H.M.'s commentaries and we sang from the Little Flock hymnbook and worshipped in a Gospel Hall, not a church, and it was called the Breaking of Bread, not a worship service, and there was no ordained minister, although now and then a Laboring Brother came around and lectured on the Chart of Time from Eternity to Eternity.

Your upbringing was MEANT to hamper your life, in the sense of directing you in a certain way and making you reluctant to go in other ways. Now you're on your own, making your own choices, but still with those voices in your head. Don't worry about it. Take the truth wherever you find it, including the past, and move forward bravely, and keep in mind that God loves you.

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