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My wife and I saw

August 7, 2006 |

My wife and I saw your movie and were very much disappointed, because, having been listeners to your radio show for about 30 years, we cannot remember ever hearing the kind of jokes that Lefty and Dusty sang or the offensive "joke" about the death of the old trouper with his pants down to his ankles and the old "lady" making crude remarks about "putting your weiner in my bun" never would have occured on your radio show. That kind of "humor" does not resemble the real "Prairie Home Companion". You sold your soul for some pottage, GK. We are truly disappointed.

Bill C.
Ellison Bay, WI

I am sorry to have hurt your feelings, sir. The song "Bad Jokes" is one I've sung a couple times on the show, pretty much as Woody Harrelson and John C. Reilly sang it in the movie, except they did add some jokes of their own. The joke about PMS is not one I would've used, for example. The old lady's line resembles the euphemisms for sex that I recall, from childhood hearing country people use. A playful sort of metaphor. I think of city people as being much more fastidious about ribaldry and country people enjoying it. Perhaps it's not that way in Ellison Bay, but it's that way in Lake Wobegon.

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