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Mr. Keillor, We were driving

August 2, 2006 |

Mr. Keillor,
We were driving through some of the beautiful backroads here and listening to your prorgam last Saturday and shortly after a Bebopareebop Rhubarb Pie commercial, we came upon a traffic jam on the two-lane rural highway ---- flashing lights and road flares --- and an overturned two-trailer flatbed with about a half-dozen open-lid cement cases of .cut rhubarb. The driver was okay, but steamed. He had his cap pushed back on his head and he was stalking the scene, hand on his hips, and you could tell he'd just as soon crawl into a hole or the nearest bar.

Would Bebopareebop products take away the taste of the shame and humiliation of dumping your load of rhubarb all over the highway?

Jeff D.
Banks, Oregon

Jeff, this is the first I've heard about mass shipments of rhubarb. I know it's sold in some stores but I never knew where it came from. Rural Oregon, I guess. My aunts used to cut it in the backyard, out in the weeds where it grew, and brought it in, and none of them overturned on the way. My guess is that the driver rewarded himself with a cold beer and a steak sandwich once the wrecker came and righted his trailer. A good experience for him. My guess is that he swerved to avoid something in the road. I'd always rather give a trucker the benefit of the doubt. So I don't think what you saw was shame or humiliation, just frustration at the high cost of a good deed.

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