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Dear Mr. Keillor: Thank you

July 17, 2006 |

Dear Mr. Keillor:
Thank you for taking the time to meet with the audience after the Tanglewood performance on July 1st. I do have to ask though, why were there so many uniformed Berkshire County officers there? What were they afraid was going to happen? Plastic glasses of Chardonnay tossed at one another? The Great Granola war of 2006? Please enlighten me.

Very truly yours,
Maryanne W.-F.
Manchester CT

The only officer I encountered was the police chief of Stockbridge, a very funny guy named Wilcox (I think), who, when I asked him how long his family had lived out there, said, "We're not natives, but we stole our land from the natives." He's a wiry guy who enjoyed the commercial we did on the show for a doughnut holster for cops. As for other officers, maybe they were there to see the show, and maybe they hung around afterward because there was a traffic jam getting out and why sit in your car for an hour when you can be leaning around under the trees. Seriously, though, nobody tells me anything about security concerns. I am kept in the dark, like a small child.

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