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Dear Mr. Keillor, My mom

July 13, 2006 |

Dear Mr. Keillor,
My mom was cleaning the garage Saturday, July 1, and came across a box that contained a wonderful photograph of my Dad. Pop passed away May 6 of this year (he was an ardent listner to Prairie Home Companion); and it was hard for all of our family as these things are. This photograph was one she and I had been looking for, for some time. Both my Dad and I were/are veterinarians. This photo showed him auscultating the chest of a small cat, while the wondering eyes of the owner's daughter watched; it was special. Saturday evening she tuned in, late in the program. Mom told me that she and dad had an agreement, that the first of them to pass on from this life would contact the other one with some sign that there was truely a hereafter. When my folks were in college at Auburn, their "song" was "What'll I Do." When she heard you and Ms. Streep singing "their song" and most especially after finding the photograph that morning, she knew that this was Pop's way of letting her know; she cried and so did I.

Smokey P.
Charlotte, NC

Ms. Streep and I were happy to be the mediums, Dr. P. Thanks for letting us know.

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