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Dear Garrison, Back in the

July 5, 2006 |

Dear Garrison,
Back in the day your show had Raoul's Warm Car Service as a sponsor. He hasn't been heard from in many years. Is that because he went out of business? If so, did that happen because of the invention of the self-starting engine or global warming? I'm leaning toward the global warming theory myself. Winters here in Minnesota are nothing like I remember from when I first moved here in the late 60s.

Audrey F.
Plymouth MN

Isn't that the truth. We get a few streaks of old-fashioned winter but then it fades into one of those brown spells, like they have in Missouri or Tennessee or D.C. What was the question? Oh. Right. Raoul left town, pursued by creditors, and took the warm car with him to Phoenix where he went into the detailing business. He's a big guy, black hair swept back, who carried many a client out of a house on a cold morning and put them in a warm car. He always carried the client, often wrapped up in a quilt, and had warm coffee or cocoa in the car, and he drove slowly, and you arrived at work or school feeling beloved. In St. Paul, we have Yellow Cab to carry us places in warm cars, and the drivers are friendly enough, but none has ever carried me to the car.

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