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June 26, 2006 |

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I'm a guy from a small Midwestern town (exactly like I envision Lake Wobegon to be) who several weeks ago spent about $2,000 more than I originally intended on a used car. The car, a 2002 Toyota Camry with a mere 40K miles on the odometer, is in excellent shape (according to my mechanic) and seems to operate just fine, and by rights should provide years and years of reliable service. In addition, I've had great success with Toyota in the past. Why then do I still feel a twinge of buyer's remorse? Could it be that my Midwestern sense of frugality and scorn for ostentatiousness has been jarred in some way? Not that I'm saying a four-year-old Toyota is in any way ostentatious.

Mike M.
Barberton, OH

You and me both, pal. Some of us have the remorse gene and get twinges of it on a daily basis. I can appreciate that even a fine Toyota could cause a twinge, so imagine the sorts of violent twinges I get during a radio show. It's painful. I cope with this through induced memory loss. The next day I remember very little about a show and all of its rough moments and those little disasters that you listeners charitably don't tell me about. I honestly don't. We just go on, we the remorseful. Enjoy your car. You neglected to say what color it is. Red, I hope.

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