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Dear Garrison~ I am in

June 23, 2006 |

Dear Garrison~
I am in London finishing up my Master's degree in Art History. It's been a fantastic year, but I'm starting to feel anxious about graduation because I feel like I haven't even begun to learn everything I want to learn. There are so many things I don't know about art! So many things I don't know about, period! Russian literature, biology, world history, engineering, tons of other topics! But if I start a demanding career soon, when am I going to have time to really delve into these topics in a more than superficial way? As much as I love being a student, I can't really picture being a permanent fixture in university. I can't help panicking about my future. I would really appreciate some words of wisdom!

Yours nervously,
Erica S., 22

First of all, allow yourself some sense of accomplishment, kid. You went to London and had a great year. So feel good about that. And if you want another year of study, try to get yourself a research fellowship or a travelling fellowship. Too late for next year but apply for 07-08. Somebody is probably willing to bankroll a year in Rome or Paris or Madrid or wherever you feel led to go. For continuing education, I recommend that you settle down in a big city. That's one reason people choose to live in New York or Chicago or L.A. Because there's so much more they want to know and the city offers a rich smorgasbord of exhibits and lectures and programs in all sorts of fields. It's a lifelong education and when you come to the end and the dim shadows fall, you'll feel that you're only starting. Same as you feel now.

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