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Dear Mr. Keillor, To my

June 19, 2006 |

Dear Mr. Keillor,
To my surprise, I am writing you in defense of wrestling coaches. I'm a computer geek with no interest whatsoever in sports. However, I have the good fortune to have many friends in Minnesota, so I was a PHC fan pretty early on.

One of the finest Minnesotans I've had the pleasure of associating with was Jeff, who was my boss (best I've ever had) for four years. One night when we were both working late, and informally, he told me his wrestling coach was going to be a Senator. I'd known he'd gone to Carleton, but it seems he was wrestling the term when Paul Wellstone was filling in as wrestling coach. And that was how I first heard of Paul Wellstone.

Neil R.

Touche, mon ami. A palpable hit. Point to Mr. R. I would only say that when I described Speaker Hastert as "about as smart as most wrestling coaches," I was talking about averages. One can always find exceptions. And I would say of myself, that I am about as accurate as most fiction writers.

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