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Garrison, So last week, my

June 13, 2006 |

So last week, my mom and I were coming home from the beauty parlor and I decided to catch your show. They were singing a song about a grey-haired father. My mother does not hear well so I was not sure she was even listening, when out of the blue she starting singing all and I mean all the words to the song. I was shocked. She said she had not heard the song in a long time. Since she is 93 years old it could have been a very long time. It was like I was back there with her when she heard the song years ago. Thanks for the moment with my mom!

Judy S.
Frisco, TX

Your mom probably heard Gene Autry sing "That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine" and last week she heard John C. Reilly and Doyle Lawson and I sing it as a trio. Amazing what memory retains. Lyrics stick around for a long time ---- meter and rhyme are aids to recollection, don't you know.

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