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Mr. Keillor, I recently had

June 9, 2006 |

Mr. Keillor,
I recently had the distinct pleasure of attending a lecture by the esteemed Prime Minister Tony Blair at the prestigious Georgetown University. Among the attendees: Several male students sporting ball caps. Mr. Keillor, is there any hope for America's youth when it comes to good old fashioned manners?
Dallas H.
Woodbridge, VA

For sheer in-your-face pants-down piss-on-your-shoe boorishness, Mr. H., attend any football game anywhere in the U.K. The Brits set a standard of low-brow that the boys of Georgetown U. would have to work hard to match. Had Mr. Blair given his speech in London, he wouldn't have been surprised by heckling and hissing and jeering. And the hecklers wouldn't have been pitched out so readily as they would have in this country. I just finished teaching a college course to 140 young writers and found them very mannerly and also expressive and individualistic, which good manners allows for. Including a baseball hat.

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