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Dear Garrison, I am curious.

June 5, 2006 |

Dear Garrison,
I am curious. I have been enjoying your show since its inception. I have even been to a live performance. Never in all those years have I had even an inkling that anything unplanned, much less catastrophic, has occurred during a show. Now in my world, there have always been those days when Murphy's Law goes into overdrive and anything that can go wrong does. Has this ever happened to you? Maybe I was visiting with family or engaged in some other social function and just missed those shows. Or, are you just that cool, calm and collected that you have been able ride through these mishaps without letting your audience suspect?

Nannette B
Miami, FL

It's not me, Nannette, it's the crew who's cool, calm, and collected. They do a great job of fending off catastrophe. I am rather jittery and discombobulated, but having a pretty good time nonetheless. Lots happens that is unplanned ---- sketches get dropped at the last minute, things get shuffled around, and sometimes I go out to do the News from Lake Wobegon and forget half of it, or have to compress it, but this is all normal stuff. Once you've had small children, doing a live show is not such a big thing. Nobody in the Shoe Band ever comes up to me weeping over something another band member has said to him. None of them run around in circles screeching. Or throw up. Or suddenly disappear. That would be disconcerting.

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