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Dear Garrison, I stumbled upon

June 1, 2006 |

Dear Garrison,
I stumbled upon this site after having subscribed to the Writer's Almanac as a podcast. I have just finished a 4-year Spanish degree at University and am in the process of entering the Real World, the thought of which has me quivering jelly-like. Have any survival tips for a debt-ridden wannabe 22-year-old writer who seems destined for a career in Spanish-speaking customer service?

Kind regards,
Newcastle upon Tyne, England

Anna, greetings from Los Angeles where I'm writing a show for Saturday from the Hollywood Bowl. I am trying to write for Meryl Streep and Virginia Madsen who are on the show and in frustration have decided to sit down and reply to Posts to the Host. And here you are! Of course I have survival tips. I recommend that you make a three-year plan that includes (1) paying off the debts and (2) writing and (3) finding delight in the real world. You need a job for (1) and for (2) you need the discipline to put yourself to work. I recommend setting the alarm to go off early and giving yourself an hour in which to take a walk and sit down and write. It will help balance you for the day and it'll be good training. But (3) is important too. Sit down and talk to yourself and figure out what really makes you happy, and make yourself pursue those things. Streamline the rest of your life to make room for delight. I have a little girl now and observing her is teaching me so mething about delight. She finds it every day, over and over.

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