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Dear Garrison, I was brought

May 18, 2006 |

Dear Garrison,
I was brought up in small towns and baptised a narrow tie Lutheran but have since recovered from the shock of the ice cold font water that January morning and realize the blessings abundant in my life. Thanks for the joy your show has brought into my heart. How can I bring your show to my new hometown? I know nothing of the smoke and mirrors or market schemes necessary to accomplish this, maybe hire some muscle or try bribery, whatever it takes. I talk to locals about your show and they have heard the show far in the past and surprisingly few knew you're back on the air! All approve of the idea but are apathetic to its accomplishment.

Steve H.
Aberdeen, WA

Steve, the people of Aberdeen would be much more excited about getting a TV show to come to Aberdeen, such as the "Today" show or "American Idol". A radio show is always going to be underwhelming. But a TV show would come with enormous vans and a crew of fifty and big stars and your relatives all across America would tune in. All you need to do is organize a mass letter-writing campaign to NBC. This could easily snowball to a million or two million letters, and when it does, NBC will respond. Our old radio show broadcasts from Seattle on July 22 and then from Pullman on Oct. 7. We like the stations there and they asked us to come and so we'll go. It's no big deal.

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