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Dear Mr. Keilor, I am

May 8, 2006 |

Dear Mr. Keilor,
I am listening to your show from Loveland, Colorado and you have just finished singing the opening song related to the train named the Zephyr (actually California Zephyr). At the very beginning of the song you sing the cities and towns through which the Zephyr passes. The second place you name is Las Vegas. I suggest you look at a map. After Oakland, the main stops are Sacramento and Reno. Las Vegas is hundreds of miles to the southeast, unserved by any passenger trains since Amtrak discontinued "The Desert Wind." This is similar to the continuing, neverending report that the completion of the transcontinental railroad came to its finish with the Golden Spike ceremony at Promontory Point, Utah. NO -- it was Promontory Summit, Utah, thirty or so miles to the north. There is no end to the continuation of this mistake. What is wrong with the people who write this B.S.

Thank you.
Gary S.

Mr. S., you're right about Las Vegas and it was a dumb mistake since I rode the train recently and should be able to remember. And of course the train is the California Zephyr ----- I referred to it as the "Zephyr" because in a song lyric you sometimes have a limited number of syllables to work with. As for the Promontory Point error, I guess it's one of those minor mistakes that continues through sheer momentum and will always be with us. Sorry. By the way, my name is spelled K-e-i-l-l-o-r.

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