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Dear Garrison, I am curious

May 1, 2006 |

Dear Garrison,
I am curious to know what are your favorite reoccuring dreams and nightmares? If I have trouble falling asleep, I have a dozen or so scenarios to help me relax and drift away to slumberland. For some reason, tornados work for me since mine are never dangerous and are quite beautiful in their undulating dance across unpopulated prairies.

John B.
Rohnert Park, CA

John, nobody in Minnesota dreams about tornadoes, at least not willingly. I used to have a nightmare about the radio show in which I stood on stage alone and could not see anyone in the wings and nobody ever walked onstage to help me out and I stood there and talked and the audience slowly drifted away. I also used to have a sleep-inducing meditation: I walked out of a little house in Stinson Beach, north of San Francisco, and through tall dune grass to the beach where I spread a towel and lay down, and I usually was asleep in minutes. But I don't seem to need it anymore. Having a small daughter tires you out and when you lie down, that's it, it's all over.

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