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Mr. Keillor- I note with

April 26, 2006 |

Mr. Keillor-
I note with pleasure your equating the Upper West Side to a small village. I work for the MTA, and am involved, modestly, in the ongoing plans to reconstruct the 96th St IRT station, there on B'way. We're going to enlarge the median to include a park with planting, seating and a itty-bitty cafe, and install a building allowing access to the platforns. Any suggestions? Statuary? Topiary?

Peter H.

The 96th Street station is familiar to the Keillor family, the place where we must face the age-old dilemma: whether to take the local that's rolling in right now or wait for the express that may come soon or may not. My first suggestion is to install signboards such as you see in the London Underground, that say, "Train arriving in one minute twenty seconds." As for statuary, I nominate George Gershwin who spent his boyhood up in that neighborhood. Or Isaac Bashevis Singer, who lived down on 86th. Or maybe Duke Ellington, another neighborhood figure.

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