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Mr Keillor, I'm curious what

April 24, 2006 |

Mr Keillor,
I'm curious what goes into venue selection and ticket pricing for A Prairie Home Companion.

I bring it up because I was excited to hear the announcement that you would be bringing the show to Austin TX (perhaps in response to the reception "APHC: The Movie" got at the SXSW Film Festival?). I may be able to attend the show, but might not enjoy it as much as I'd like because I'm suffering from a moderate case of sticker shock.

The people who can easily afford $50 cheap seats might leave your show disappointed because they assumed the price meant they were buying tickets to Cirque du Soleil, while some of your true fans are getting priced out.

Chris G.
Austin, TX

I agree that $50 is too much to pay, Chris. Certainly too much for a "cheap" ticket. I had thought that our tickets started around $25, but obviously I haven't been buying tickets lately and am in the dark about this. I hate to think of pricing true fans out of the show. I suppose we could go to a freewill offering. Pass the hat and see what happens. I am just completely out of touch with economics. I am of an age that regards 35 cents as the right price for a cup of coffee and $35,000 the right price for a nice house with a yard. I will ponder this problem.

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