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April 7, 2006 |

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Regarding your March 4, 2006 show from Grand Forks, N.D.: As a teacher of American literature, and a fellow U of Minnesota English major, I was shocked and disappointed that your tribute to notable North Dakotans only mentioned Chippewa writer Louise Erdrich—author of nine novels (at least two classics of 20th century U.S. fiction), two poetry collections, children's fiction, and nonfiction—by reference to her having written an introduction for a book by a white man! And then you "humorously" repeated the name of the U of ND sportsteams, with no acknowledgment of how offensive it is, to many Indians and others. Manifest Destiny marches on?

Robin R. F.
Boston, MA.

You are rather easily shocked, Ms. R.F. I admire your readiness to be disappointed, horrified, morally offended, but if you are shocked and disappointed by these little things, you must have a coronary seizure everytime you pick up a newspaper. I worry for your health. I consider Louise Erdrich a Minnesotan. That's where she lives. The book she wrote an introduction to is a good book that needs a mention. As for the Fighting Sioux, all of us Minnesota Gopher fans would be tickled pink if they changed their names back to the Fighting Flickertails. I don't think they will. If you want to fight that battle, go ahead. I'm too old.

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