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Mr. K, How do

March 29, 2006 |

Mr. K,
How do you reconcile your supposed belief in a higher power with your mean spirited humor?

Also, why are you continually adding more caustic jabs at the President of our country into your show? Don't you want to entertain listeners rather that aggravate them?

Finally, just recently, you and/or your writers seemed to associate the war in Iraq with the need for oil. Are you really that naive?

Lorna M.
Eugene, OR

Lorna, this is an awfully bitter letter on your part and then you bring God into it. I can't think of anything mean-spirited about the president that we've done lately. Unless you believe he is a deity. I think he is a war criminal, but I would never say so on the show. If you have some guidelines for what can and cannot be said about the president, I'd be curious to know what they are.

About oil, yes, I guess I am that naive. But I am from Minnesota and it's been a long winter.

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