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Dear Garrison, It is always

March 29, 2006 |

Dear Garrison,
It is always amazing to me how versatile and talented Rich Dworsky is. In particular, his accompanyment and short solos in the country and folk songs you sing with Prudence Johson (and have sung with many others) makes the music so beautiful, so heart-warming (or heart-wrenching), and so authentic. My question is -- do you have all the music, including Rich's part, written out in advance, or does Rich extemporize?

Gary G.
Albany, CA

PS - All your musicians are great, but Rich Dworsky is one of a kind.

You're right about Rich, he is a rare talent and covers all the bases ----- he is a composer (there's a fine CD of his music available via the website) and an arranger, he directs the band, he accompanies singers, and he sings the Ketchup jingle and sometimes other things. Rich is both a reader and improviser, so he can give us a Chopin etude or he can play gospel music or improvise in any style. He is a detail guy who would always like to have some notes on paper in front of him (he can scribble down chords as fast as you can sing a song) but if the paper blows away, or the singer switches key, or we sing something else, he would be right there, doing the right thing. At the moment, he's in LA working on the sound track of the movie, "A Prairie Home Companion," which is yet another thing he does: he has good ears, all the better to hear you with.

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