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Dear Post to the Host,

March 24, 2006 |

Dear Post to the Host,

I am a confirmed Oreo Cookie addict.

There, I said it.

At present I am two cookie a day oreohead currently taking the chocolate creme variety. I am a former fudge covered eater but don't have a source at this time. I heard the Oreo Cookie song on the show from Grand Forks and would like (read that "gotta have") if not the music, at least the words to that anthem.

Tell me how, please to get the song. My need is great.

Tom C.

(Answer from Russ Ringsak, cookie & blues expert)

Hi Tom,
It was written by Lonnie Mack and a guy named Wilkerson, and is on Mack's fabulous "Strike Like Lightning" album from 1985, on Alligator.


Chocolate on my fingers
Icing on my lips
Sugar diabetes and
Blubber on my hips
I keep the night light burning in the kitchen babe So I can go downstairs and cruise I got them Oreo Cream sandwich Chocolate covered cream-filled cookie blues

I hide 'em in the cabinet
I keep 'em in a jar
For emergencies I keep'em
In the glove compartment of my car
But I can't live without 'em
They get me high like I get on booze
I got them Oreo Cream sandwich
Chocolate covered cream-filled cookie blues

The doctor says I'm crazy
Says you better give'em up but quick
Or you'll be pushing up daisies because
Boy you're definitely sick
I couldn't quit if I wanted to
Yeh, and I don't want to lose
Them Oreo Cream sandwich - now listen here - Chocolate covered cream-filled cookie - Built by Nabisco, ain't no rookie - Next best thing to nookie - Blues

With all the tedious P.C. going on in academia these days, we skipped the stock ending.


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