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Garrison, I would like to

March 20, 2006 |

I would like to thank you for your show at the Chester Fritz in Grand Forks on March 4th. As a police officer I have spent many a Saturday night driving in my squad car listening to your show on the radio. Thank you for making those boring winter nights pass by with good clean humor. Please come back to North Dakota anytime!

Steve H.
Grand Forks

Steve, it was our pleasure. The Chester Fritz is a fine venue, one of our favorites in the whole country, and that student crew was completely professional and fun to be around. And of course it was good for us to see some real winter, having had a weird slushy January. I can imagine a cop in Grand Forks has his hands full on these winter nights, especially when North Dakota loses in hockey to Minnesota twice in one weekend, as happened in December. I can imagine people doing desperate things, taking the long walk across the tundra, and you having to rescue them. If you need Guy Noir to come and answer any persistent questions, just let us know.

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