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Dear Sir, I caught part

March 20, 2006 |

Dear Sir,
I caught part of the PBS broadcast of your show. It was nice to put corporal bodies to ethereal voices. My question: Do you all visit a barber or hairstylist or, once a month or so, do you stand in a big circle and cut each others' hair. If the first is true, then I hope you don't pay more than $5 at the barber college. And, if it's the second, then some of you are much better amateur barbers for the person in front of you than the person who is behind you.

Yes, it's a convoluted question but I am on the rack of expectation, joints about to pop out of their sockets, waiting for an answer.

Janusz M.
Atlanta, Georgia

We have radio hair, Janusz, which looks tacky on TV but that's how it is. Radio waves affect the hair much as static electricity does. Most of the people you see on TV are wearing wigs made from animal byproducts and we refuse to do that. Not fair to the animals and not necessary for our fans, who look beyond the hair and into the soul. Sorry you were distracted by our hair and didn't notice that we were buck naked during part of the PBS broadcast. But TV is mesmerizing and fifteen minutes later, nobody remembers what they saw.

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