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Garrison, My 3 sons want

March 10, 2006 |

My 3 sons want to do a comedy act for the school talent show (ages 7, 10 and 12). They have won 2 years in a row as the "Fabulous Burnam Boys" presenting old Carson show sketches; Carnack was a huge hit last year. The problem is I'm fresh out of material for the show this year. As our whole family are huge fans, I thought maybe you could suggest something from Prairie Home that we could use.

Desperate Dad in Columbia.

Why not cobble together a routine of jokes from the Pretty Good Jokebook? The 4th edition is around and contains a wide range of suitable material. Animal jokes, lightbulb jokes, 3rd grader jokes, the man walked into a bar, you name it. All they need is a prop, like a rubber chicken or a toilet plunger or a pop gun with a Bang flag.

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