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Dear Garrison, I am a

March 8, 2006 |

Dear Garrison, I am a nervous airplane flyer. So I wanted to let you know the calm that swept over me when I saw you boarding my plane on Feb. 24, going from Hartford to Minneapolis. This was the first leg of my return to my home in Oregon. Somehow, I knew that the plane would stay in the air to get you back for your show. And if not, there was even some comfort in knowing that I would at least perish in a grisly fireball with the man who has entertained me for so many years. Thanks. [Of course, the Xanax may have helped a little too].

Seamus M.
Oswego, OR

Glad I could help the Xanax bring you some peace of mind, Seamus. Paul Yandell, Chet Atkins's guitar partner, used to say he hated flying with Chet and me because the headline would say, "Atkins and Keillor and 9 Others Perish In Plane Crash" (we flew small planes) and Paul didn't want to be one of the Others. I fly so much that it's become about as terrifying as taking the schoolbus to Anoka. Actually, much less terrifying. On the schoolbus I used to have to fight to get a seat and on the plane I have one assigned to me, usually on the aisle. If I took Xanax, I'd drop off to sleep and never get any work done. But of course, living in a place as beautiful as Oswego, why would you need to fly anywhere?

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