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Garrison, We were all proud

February 23, 2006 |

We were all proud to hear about the rave reviews from Berlin of your new film. However, why isn't the US premiere being held in Minnesota - the land of Lake Wobegon? Seems a lot more fitting than Austin, TX, or Aspen, CO.

Judy Zerby
Fridley, MN

The movie opens June 6 in New York and June 9 in selected cities around the country including Minneapolis. That's what I hear. The showings in Berlin, Austin, and Aspen are little previews, whose purpose is to lessen the anxiety of the distributor. Who, by the way, is Picturehouse, a fine company, which calls the shots. You may be overestimating the influence of the screenwriter, my dear. His pull is only slightly greater than that of the Key Grip or the Best Boy. Anyway, the movie isn't about Lake Wobegon, it's about a radio show, and radio travels all over.

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