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Dear Garrison, I am studying

February 20, 2006 |

Dear Garrison,
I am studying for a master's degree in library science at San Jose State. I take one class a semester and work full time so it is slow going. I have recently been thinking of giving it up. This last Sunday, my boyfriend and I were on our way into San Francisco, listening to PHC, and heard The Adventures of Ruth Harrison, Reference Librarian, the part where she said that "Knowledge is power. Men are in fear of women with master's degrees in library science." That was all I needed! I am fully engaged my class this semester and hoping to be a kick-butt non-Googling librarian before I am at retirement age. Thank you so much!

Genevieve Cottraux
Napa, CA

Genevieve, I am certain you will prove to be phenomenal. Ruth, as you know, is also a karate master and builds upper body strength by storing encyclopedias on high shelves.

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