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Mr. K: I happened to

January 25, 2006 |

Mr. K: I happened to be surfing the web, and I ran across Patti LuPone's web site, where she answers a question about your show:

"9) My favorite radio show is Prairie Home Companion and, as a final question, have you ever done anything with this show or if you haven't, would you ever?

Patti answers: "I love Prairie Home Companion, I've never been on it and I'd love to be."

As a longtime, HUGE fan of PHC, I want to do poor Patti a favor, and let her on your show! It's the least... (well, maybe not...) a Minnesotan can do for a city girl.

Gabor Salamon Woodbury, MN.

We'll make sure to invite Miss LuPone on the show soon, Gabor, though she's fully occupied at the moment singing and dancing and playing the tuba in Stephen Sondheim's "Sweeney Todd" on Broadway, which I saw last month and she was astonishing. By the way, did you write the letter to her website, Gabor?

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