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Dear GK, My family and

January 18, 2006 |

Dear GK,
My family and I love your show and listen to it here in China when we are lucky enough to have a good connection. I absolutely love the Guys All-Star Shoe Band and the stories and my 2-year-old daughter loves the music and dances around our office. What an amazing cast you have. And we're grateful that you have such a superb archive because it is almost impossible for us to listen to your show live. I longed to be at the Minnesota State Fair when listening to the broadcast from there back in September. Somehow here in China the melon, sausage, corn, and candied miniature apples on a stick, which are sold on the street everywhere, just don't compare to the greasy fair food.

Maybe you should have a Peking Opera singer on the show sometime. What do you think? Well I wish you the best in the coming year and hope that your show will go on for many more years.

Sarah Willford
Beijing, China

Sarah, I went to a traditional Chinese massage clinic in New York in December to get poked in the sharp way that Chinese therapists do so well, and the woman who was jabbing the soles of my feet with her small fingers told me (in response to my question) that she had been a singer in China and she proceeded to serenade me in her lovely (to Western ears, somewhat shrill) soprano and it was Different, as we say in Minnesota. I immediately thought of inviting her onto the show, and now here you are seconding the idea. Okay, a seed has been planted. We shall see. And thanks so much for writing.

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