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Hey Garrison, My wife and

January 12, 2006 |

Hey Garrison,
My wife and I are faithful listeners to your show, even managing to see you in New Orleans (our home, or former home) a few years ago. Our perfect Saturday afternoon is to make a big pot of coffee, get comfortable and listen to the show. Now that I'm in Kuwait I have a problem recreating that experience (other than that my wife is 6,000 miles away!), your show appears on the Armed Forces Network but I can't get it here in the hinterlands of Kuwait. So, my question is: which of your cd's will give me a "virtual" Lake Wobegon that will do until I get home next year? The coffee I can do; the show I can't!

Thanks from the windy desert,
Captain Paolo Profumo
Camp Victory, Kuwait

Capt. Profumo, sir! (CLICK OF HEELS) I guess that the 25th Anniversary CD set might be good for someone in your position, and if you'll send on your APO info, we'll ship you one and you can buy us a cup of coffee when you get back to the States. Happy New Year, sir!

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