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Dear GK, I'm a young

January 4, 2006 |

Dear GK,
I'm a young listener to your show (19) and have been a fan for quite some time. This morning I awoke listening to a classic rock station and suddenly a commercial for a cellphone company came on, and the unmistakable voices of Sue Scott and Tim Russel lcame across my speakers.

I didn't know that those two very fine actors did commercial work. It just never crossed my mind that someone working for the semi-elitist field of NPR would work in the gritty corporate world of commercials.

Do folk in your troupe often take outside work? It just seems a bit odd. Ah well, such is the life I am repeatedly told I have no grasp upon due to my youth.

Steven Taylor
Parkers Lake, KY

Yes, some of them do, Steven. At least that's what I've heard. (I don't listen to enough commercial radio to know.) As for elitism, there is no elitism like that of people who program stuff they loathe for a listenership they despise, which is the case with commercial radio management, for the most part. Programming classical music and jazz and folk, as most public stations do, is not elitism, it's idealism.

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